iONE-FP7 project objectives and recent results presented at EuroNanoForum 2013 in Dublin

Fabio_ENF13Under the auspices of the Irish presidency of the Council of the EU the Europe’s largest conference on nanotechnology and materials took place in June in Dublin, Ireland. The project exhibition stand did not offer only information on the project itself, but also gave an opportunity to see the first demonstrations of its outputs (e.g. mock up of the active implantable device for human therapy, transistor on biocompatible and on biodegradable substrate, microfluidic channels, scientific papers and posters). The stand was visited by more than 40 conference participants that showed their huge interest in the presented concept and prepared samples. The stand was also visited by delegation of members of the NMP Programme Committee and by several World Class scientists (e.g. Prof. Dr. Klaus Müllen from MPI). More info about the event could be found here: